Bio: These pages are used for short stories and other creative writing, namely flash fiction, but a few poems may well be thrown in too. Some of the stories vary greatly in style, as i have been trying out a few different approaches, but they are not supposed to be thought of as a collective whole. I spend more time writing songs, which i occasionally record and are available on my myspace of the same name, but i do like to revert to prose every now and then, which is why i started this little thing. Hope you enjoy some of the stories. Feedback would be appreciated, and feel free to be critical; for it is from criticism that we learn. Thanks. Colm The Drop of a Hat was born on a whim at the end of its tether, with his heart on his sleeves, and his sleeves rolled-up ready to fight tooth and nail in his coffin, with one eye on the prize and the other in the back of his head on the block, and sticks and stones under the skin of his teeth, biting off more than he can chew from under the thumb of the hand that fed him.

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